Where is Santa right now? How to track Santa Claus this Christmas

Santa is on his way… (Credits: Getty Images/Tetra images RF)Santa Claus is on his way and bringing with him Christmas presents and gifts galore.
Children and adults around the world will soon be setting out Christmas stockings and sacks in the hope that they will be filled with presents come tomorrow morning.
While children wait excitedly at home for Santa to arrive, Father Christmas and his reindeer have an estimated 510,000,000 km to travel in order to visit every home on his list – a number which would mean he would have to drop in on 390,000 homes per minute.
With a sleigh travelling at that speed, it would be impossible to spot it moving across the sky, but luckily there are other ways to keep an eye on Santa’s progress this Christmas.

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Every year, as Santa sets off on his sleigh from Lapland, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) track his journey across the world on December 24, Christmas Eve.
NORAD usually monitors aerospace in event of nuclear attack, but over the last 60 years the American organisation has tipped their Santa hats to sharing the whereabouts of Father Christmas as a bit of festive fun over the holidays.

Santa starts his journey in warmer climates before travelling West. (Picture: Getty)
Those wishing to watch Santa’s journey across the world this Christmas and monitor his progress can do so via the NORAD Santa website, where a digital Santa on his sleigh pulled by reindeer traverses a 3D map of the world for 24 hours in the build up to Christmas Day.
Google also have their own Santa tracker, santatracker.google.com which shows exactly where in the world he is and how many presents he’s dropped off so far.

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