What life in 2021 will look like

Business Insider tapped eight leading COVID-19 experts across the US to create a best guess for what 2021 will be like.
The good news is that life with the virus is almost certain to get better in 2021.
But you will still need to wear a mask, social distance, and take other precautions, as it becomes safer to gather again.
Here is Business Insider’s timeline for the year ahead.
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No one knows exactly what life will look like in 2021. But, we can be pretty sure things won’t be as bleak as they were this year. After reporting on the coronavirus pandemic all throughout 2020, and asking leading infectious-disease experts to peer into their crystal balls to make conjectures about the year ahead, Business Insider health and science reporters Hilary Brueck, Andrew Dunn, and Aria Bendix have mapped out a best-guess timeline for what the next 12 months may look like across the US.Overall, we’re pretty confident that 2021 will be better than 2020 was — way better.Vaccines are already starting to roll out, and availability will only increase in the new year. Antibody therapeutics could help fill in the gaps for those that don’t get the vaccine. Testing could expand into homes, allowing people to take more control over illness surveillance.

So what does all that mean for getting back to normal? Will we feel safe enough to jump in a plane, catch a concert or movie, or celebrate a holiday at a crowded bar? The answers to those questions will vary for each of us, based on several factors. One variable will likely be how long it takes for your city or town to get at least 70% of people vaccinated, and another will be how comfortable you are taking risks.There are also uncertainties that we will not attempt to predict, like a serious viral mutation that renders vaccines less effective, or higher-than-expected numbers of people refusing to get vaccinated.Taking all of that into account, we tapped eight leading COVID-19 experts to map out what most Americans can expect from 2021. They all agreed our prediction was pretty apt. Take a look: