‘The One-Month Plan to Master your Money’ is a free e-book to help get your finances ready for 2021

Financial success rarely happens overnight. It begins with awareness, relies on thoughtful action, and is maintained by consistent habits. Master your Money, a series by Business Insider, is designed to help millennials take charge of their financial future. If you feel lost when it comes to your money or discouraged after a recent setback, our new e-book can help. Outlined as a four-week curriculum with three tasks per week, “The One-Month Plan to Master your Money” is packed with expert tips and strategies for taking stock of where you are financially and creating a plan to move forward.What you’ll learn from the e-book: Week 1: How to set and prioritize goals, and observe your spendingWeek 2: How to align your spending with your goals and values and automate your planWeek 3: How to invest in and out of retirement accounts to meet savings goals and build long-term wealthWeek 4: How to monitor and protect your financial health with credit checks, insurance coverage, and net worth tracking