Your internet life needs a Feeds Reboot — here’s how to do it

If you don’t tend to your algorithms, you’ll eventually hate what they show you. | Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

For the last few years, I’ve chosen one weekend day a year to undertake what I’ve come to call a Feeds Reboot. I try to systematically go through every subscription, every follow, every algorithmically or chronologically generated thing I see on social platforms, streaming services, and news apps, and reset or at least review the way it works. I can’t recommend this enough.

Every time I do a Feeds Reboot, I notice a huge uptick in how interesting and relevant I suddenly find the internet. Does it then spend the next 364 days slowly degrading back into a morass from which I will try and extricate myself next year? Yep! But I’m still making progress.

The point of a Feeds Reboot is to be more intentional about the internet. It’s not the…

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TikTok employees in China can see your data, company admits

“TikTok’s response confirms our fears about the CCP’s influence in the company were well-founded”

What you need to know

TikTok has submitted a letter to U.S. senators in response to accusations about monitoring U.S. citizens.
The company is under scrutiny over concerns its parent company ByteDance may be a security threat in the U.S.
TikTok has now admitted that there are certain China-based employees who can see data from U.S. users.

TikTok appears to have admitted that there are certain employees at the company based in China that can access from American users, prompting an outcry from Republican senators.

TikTok has submitted a letter to nine U.S. senators who have accused the viral video platform and its parent company ByteDance of monitoring U.S. citizens.

As reported by Bloomberg:

TikTok, the viral video-sharing app owned by China’s ByteDance Ltd., said certain employees outside the US can access information from American users, stoking further criticism from lawm…