Routers from brands like Asus, Netgear, and Cisco are being targeted by a sophisticated malware campaign

Last year, cyberattacks against corporate networks reached record-setting levels in terms of frequency and size, mostly because of the Log4J vulnerability that was left unpatched by many organizations for several months. Earlier this month, a new and hard-to-detect malware was discovered on Linux-based systems that had been stealing credentials and…

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Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify

Spotify and Apple Music are the heavyweights of the music streaming industry, but which is better isn’t clear-cut.

Spotify's App Store icon (left), Apple Music (right)Spotify’s App Store icon (left), Apple Music (right)

Music streaming is big business, and after years of services being available, it has become a very crowded market. Many apps are trying to keep the attention of subscribers willing to pay a monthly fee, but two giants are taking the most attention at the top of the pile: Spotify and Apple Music.

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