iPhone 13’s ordered through reported breach of digital carrier Visible

“I was just hacked! They sent themselves a phone and changed my address!”

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Customers of Verizon’s digital carrier Visible are reporting that their accounts have been compromised.
Many say that iPhones have been ordered to different addresses using their payment information.

Customers of Verizon’s digital carrier Visible are reporting a serious breach of their accounts that has seen fraudulent users order iPhone 13 models to alternative addresses using their payment details.

The complaints were noted by XDA Developers on both Reddit and Twitter:

Social media sites, especially the Visible subreddit, are currently flooded with reports of Visible accounts being hijacked. In most cases, the email address associated with the account is reset by an unknown attacker, then the payment method on the account is used to order a phone.

One user on Reddit wrote “Dude my account got hacked and they shipped out an iPhone 13 worth 1k that was taken from my PayPal. I …

Some of Verizon’s Visible cell network customers say they’ve been hacked

Image: Visible

Some customers of Verizon’s Visible service are using social media to say that hackers have accessed their accounts, changed their information to lock them out, and in some cases even ordered phones using their payment info (via XDA). If you’re not familiar, Visible is a cell service owned and operated by Verizon that pitches itself as a less expensive, “all-digital” network, meaning there aren’t any physical stores like you’d get with a traditional carrier. Starting on Monday, customers on both Twitter and Reddit reported en masse that they’d been getting emails from the company about changed passwords and addresses, and that they’ve had difficulties contacting the company’s chat support.

Visible’s customer service account on Twitter…

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Apple releases watchOS 8.0.1 with a focus on Apple Watch Series 3

Apple has released watchOS 8 for the Apple Watch. Here’s how you can update right now!

The new watchOS 8.0.2 update is out for Apple Watch users to download.

What’s new in watchOS

October 11, 2021: Apple releases watchOS 8.0.1

Apple has released its first update to watchOS 8, version 8.0.1. This is a fairly minor update for many Apple Watch users, but anyone still rocking (or having just purchased) an Apple Watch Series 3, this update is for you. The update fixes one bug that would cause software update progress to be improperly displayed on the Series 3, and another that prevented the accessibility settings from showing up for Series 3 owners.

September 20, 2021: Apple releases watchOS 8

Apple has released the all-new watchOS 8 version for Apple Watch. The update includes various new features.

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Animal Crossing Player Recreates The Pokémon Sword & Shield Bedroom

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has made an accurate in-game recreation of the main character’s bedroom from Pokémon Sword and ShieldSword and Shield are the 2019 releases in Game Freak’s popular Pokémon franchise for the Nintendo Switch. In Sword and Shield, players travel across Galar to collect Pokémon, fight other trainers, and collaborate or compete with other players.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a versatile game that many players have used to recreate various scenes and maps from their favorite media. Most recently, a fan created a stunning replica of Breath of the Wild‘s Korok forest, complete with a shrine featuring the Master Sword. This feature is on top of the many activities that players can enjoy in-game, such as fishing, gardening, and interacting with the quirky inhabitants of New Horizons.

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On Reddit, user LyrianTheWanderer posted an image of their character’s bedroom in Animal Crossing: New Horizons decked out in the style of Pokémon Sword and Shield. The user managed to recreate it with aspects from the game, such as the green comforter on the bed, a plushie, posters on the walls depicting Poké Balls and various Pokémon, and a cleverly placed Nintendo Switch in the corner. Many other users congratulated LyrianTheWanderer for the replica, though one did note that the Pikachu poster was a bit on the creepy side. In a reply, the creator specified that the poster was meant to portray Eevee, despite being placed in the same spot as the Pikachu poster in the comparison shot.

The customizable nature of the game is nearly endless, and with the seasonal Halloween festivities in New Horizons, players can now spruce up their island with spooky decorations. Many players collaborate on their designs using the game’s multiplayer, which was a major selling point for the title during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Animal Crossing allows such a breadth of options that players enjoy tending to their digital life in the game as a relaxing and comforting experience.

Aside from the holiday festivities, Nintendo has announced a new Direct focusing on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which is dated for October 15. The Direct is expected to announce new content for AC:NH, so fans of the game are excited to see what new experiences are waiting for them in the near future. With new content, perhaps players will be able to make even more creative replicas that will go beyond expectations of what is achievable within the game. For the time being, fans have a lot to look forward to in Animal Crossing.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

Source: LyrianTheWanderer/Reddit

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