Is it time to rethink data centralization to aid cybersecurity investigations? [Q&A]

Security Information and Events Management (SIEM) has become the keystone of many organizations’ security strategies in recent years. But is it effective? And in the era of greater cloud and SaaS use, is the time right for the concept of SIEM to undergo a radical rethink? Andrew Maloney, COO and co-founder at security investigation specialist Query.AI thinks it is. We spoke to him to learn more. BN: Enterprises have spent years of effort and millions of dollars to centralize data to effectively respond to cybersecurity incidents. Your view is we need to rethink that. Why is that? AM: For more… [Continue Reading]


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GeekWire Podcast: The shared orbits of Microsoft and Amazon, and the tech industry’s future in space

Plenty of well-known tech leaders have jumped from Microsoft and Amazon over the years. So what does it say about the evolution of the companies that one of Amazon’s most senior executives is now working at Microsoft? Former Amazon Web Services leader Charlie Bell’s new gig at Microsoft is our first topic on this week’s GeekWire Podcast, now that he has been cleared to start in his role, leading a newly formed Microsoft cybersecurity engineering organization. Our guest commentator is a different Charlie with experience at both companies. Charlie Kindel worked for many years as a Microsoft general manager in… Read More