Amazon’s Zoox will test its autonomous driving technology in Seattle’s ‘different driving culture’

Zoox, the robotaxi company acquired by Amazon last year, plans to start testing its autonomous driving technology in Seattle for the first time this month, after focusing its testing on Las Vegas and the Bay Area for the past four years. The company also plans to open an office in the Seattle region in 2022, according to a Zoox post announcing the expansion Monday morning. “Testing in a new city gives our vehicle and AI the chance to experience fresh challenges, including different weather and infrastructure, different by-laws, and a different driving culture,” the company said in the post. “These… Read More

GeekWire Podcast: The shared orbits of Microsoft and Amazon, and the tech industry’s future in space

Plenty of well-known tech leaders have jumped from Microsoft and Amazon over the years. So what does it say about the evolution of the companies that one of Amazon’s most senior executives is now working at Microsoft? Former Amazon Web Services leader Charlie Bell’s new gig at Microsoft is our first topic on this week’s GeekWire Podcast, now that he has been cleared to start in his role, leading a newly formed Microsoft cybersecurity engineering organization. Our guest commentator is a different Charlie with experience at both companies. Charlie Kindel worked for many years as a Microsoft general manager in… Read More

How to use iOS 15’s new Focus modes

Image: Apple

These days, it is way too easy to be pulled from your work by notifications and other distractions. In order to help you keep your attention where you want it, Apple has added new Focus features to iOS 15.

The idea is to keep you “in the moment” by filtering out apps or notifications that you don’t want popping up during specific times. The nice thing is that you can create different profiles to keep you from being disturbed, depending on whether you’re at home, at work, getting ready for bed, driving, or for any other activity.

When you first start to set Focus up, it can seem a little daunting. There are a lot of choices, and a lot of ways you can tweak it. In fact, it may take a while before you get the combination of settings that…

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Why data quality is essential to business success [Q&A]

Enterprises are increasingly reliant on data, but it’s only really useful if its quality can be assured. With growing volumes though maintaining data quality and compliance is a big challenge. We spoke to Rex Ahlstrom, chief strategy and technology officer at Syniti to find out how businesses can improve and maintain the quality of their data and how this can benefit them. BN: What is the problem with achieving high-quality data to facilitate compliance and what challenges are organizations facing in this regard? RA: Generally speaking, poor quality data is generated four primary ways and can affect how your company… [Continue Reading]

Block Party is out of beta and ready to block anyone who likes bad tweets

Image: Block Party

Block Party, the anti-harassment service that specializes in making Twitter more tolerable to use, is out of beta and available now. Block Party automates the time-consuming process of moderating your Twitter feed, filtering out content from people you don’t want to see for later review and, starting today, blocking accounts that retweet or like a bad tweet of your choice with blocklists.

Block Party’s services are available in three different tiers. Free Basic accounts can use Block Party’s moderate filters to catch @mentions and place them in a “Lockout Folder” for later review. Premium accounts, which start at $12 per month, include stricter filters, block lists, a helper view to allow friends or family to review troubling tweets,…

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How multi-cloud application delivery is impacting ecommerce providers as they prepare for major growth

Ecommerce continues to be one of the most fast-paced and competitive global industries, with industry-watchers estimating that online sales will constitute a fifth of all retail sales worldwide by the end of 2022. As vendors strive to capture their share of market growth, they need to offer exceptional customer experiences that build loyalty and repeat revenue. However, delivering omnichannel excellence puts considerable pressure on infrastructure as site traffic increases and consumer expectations rise. At the same time, the sector is heavily targeted by cybercriminals seeking to disrupt, extort and damage online retail businesses. Consequently, striking a balance between operational efficiency,… [Continue Reading]