Store digital camera memories on one of our favorite SD cards

SD Cards for Digital Cameras
You need a high-quality SD card for today’s best digital cameras. Whether you want a big card that can hold vacation photos for a week, one that prioritizes read/write speed, or a budget model, we have you covered. These are the best SD cards for digital cameras today.

Staff Pick

Designed for cameras and other devices that can capture RAW images, burst photography, and HD, 3D, and 4K video, the SanDisk Extreme PRO is fast enough to keep up with all the action. With a speed class rating of V30, this 128GB SDXC UHS-I memory card supports read speeds of 170 MB/s and write speeds of 90 MB/s. It’s also shockproof, X-ray proof, waterproof, and can withstand extreme temps. If you want top-of-line, this is one of the best SD cards for digital cameras.

The UHS-II technology in the Lexar Professional 256GB card gives you high-speed performance for action photography and full HD and 4K video. Perfect for mirrorless cameras, DSLRs, and drones, this Class 10 card has read transfer speeds of 250MB/s so you can work less and play more. And with 256GBs of room, you can shoot longer without the need to switch out cards. This Lexar card is backward compatible with UHS-1 devices.

The PNY two-pack comes with double the capacity for half the price. This PNY set includes two SD cards, each with the capacity to hold 16GBs of photos and video. Perfect for point and shoot cameras, DSLRs, action cameras, and drones, this budget-friendly duo has max read speeds of 85 MB/s and write speeds top out at 10 MP/s. It’s plenty speedy enough for capturing Full HD video and big photo files, and easily makes our list of one of the best SD cards for digital cameras.

$10 at Amazon

$9 at B&H

Today’s professional camera bodies need a little more oomph under the hood. New XQD performance gives you 440 MB/s of read speeds and write speeds that top 400 MB/s. This Sony Professional SQD G-Series memory card has 120GBs of space for videos and photos, and it’s durable enough to withstand drops, static, UV, X-ray, and temperature extremes. This is a fast card designed for professional-grade cameras.

Never worry about space again with the SAMSUNG EVO Select 512GB microSDXC memory card. Perfect for recording 4K UHD video or high-resolution photos, this model from SAMSUNG is fast and reliable. This is a Class 10 card that reads at 100MB/s and has write speeds of 90MB/s. Built to last, this SAMSUNG card is magnetic proof, waterproof, temperature proof, and X-ray proof.

$65 at Amazon

$85 at SAMSUNG

The right SD card for your camera
Each camera has different memory card requirements, and although there’s some overlap with digital cameras, it’s best to check with your camera manufacturer before making big buys.
If you shoot in RAW, do action photography or film video, our top pick is the SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB. This UHS-I card reads/writes fast and can handle a full day’s shoot. You’ll score two cards for the price of one with this 16GB two-pack from PNY. These SD cards are compatible with DSLRs, video cams, mirrorless, and point and shoot cameras.
If you shoot professionally, the Sony XQD 120GB memory card is the way to go. It’s pricey, but it achieves read/write speeds that no other card can match.

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