PRESENTING: 7 prominent investors and execs who use sleep-tracking ring Oura share how they’ve altered their routines

M13 Ventures cofounder Carter Reum, Shake Shack’s CMO Jay Livingston, and other executives shared with Insider how they’ve been using Oura, a sleep-tracking ring and app, to alter their sleep schedules and routines. 

The tech company is backed by Jack Dorsey, Marc Benioff, and other prominent tech leaders and has raised over $48 million in funding. It recently gained recognition when the NBA bubble used it to help detect early signs of COVID-19.”Bodyhacking is big in tech,” Livingston told Business Insider. “I’m a night owl who wakes at 5:45 a.m. no matter what, so I’m always looking for ways to get more quality sleep.”Here are the hacks they’ve picked up after tracking their sleep patterns.