Not sold on Philips Hue light strips? Try these awesome alternatives!

Alternatives to Philips Hue Light Strips
Philips Hue’s can give you everything you need with some of the best smart light bulbs, lamps, and accent lighting, but there’s one place where its product line fails to shine: light strips. There are tons of Philips Hue Light Strip alternatives today that cost less, offer the same colors, and smart controls through HomeKit, Alexa, and Google. If you’re looking to save while adding smart lighting to your home, check out these excellent Philips Hue Light Strip alternatives.

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The LIFX Z Smart Light Strip is easily the best choice for the best Philips Hue alternative. This 6.6-foot strip has eight individual zones, so instead of a single accent color, you can paint your wall or entertainment center with multiple colors, creating all kinds of fun looks. The LIFX Z works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant; plus, it cranks out a whopping 1400 lumens of brightness with 16 million shades of whites and colors.

Govee offers a unique light strip that gets its power from any USB port. Just plug it into your computer for quick and easy lighting for your desk or to that USB port on the back of your TV to give it a bias lighting upgrade. This light strip even features a microphone that automatically reacts to any music playing, creating an instant party.

This light strip comes in three two-foot LED sections (six feet in total) that you can adhere to and mold into all kinds of shapes. The modular nature means you can add some lighting to your favorite bookcase, create a cozy light feature for your kitchen cabinets, or add some bias lighting to your television. Just keep in mind that this light strip uses Bluetooth for a direct connection to your phone, and you will need a HomeKit hub for controls outside of the home.

$37 at Amazon

$40 at Walmart

HitLights’ 16.4 foot Luma10 light strip features an IP67 water-resistant rating, allowing placement in the great outdoors. Weather-resistance enables it to function as holiday decor or accent lighting, and its thin profile can keep it hidden throughout the year. The light strip also supports the ability to display up to 16 million different colors, and it is compatible with all of the major smart home platforms.

$47 at Amazon

Eve Light Strip is one of the most powerful light strips around, with the ability to output up to 1,800 lumens of brightness. This light strip is also hub-free, using Wi-Fi to connect directly to Apple’s HomeKit, enabling automation and features like Adaptive Lighting, which adjusts color temperature throughout the day to energize and calm the mind.

$70 at Walmart

The Meross MSL320 includes two colorful 16.4 foot LED strips in the box that work independently or together to create impressive light displays. It isn’t all just about the length, though, as the Meross MSL320 still matches others with millions of colors, as well as voice controls over Wi-Fi through HomeKit, Alexa, and the Google Assistant.

$42 at Amazon

Worthy alternatives
While it may be the most familiar name in smart lighting, there are plenty of Philips Hue Light Strip alternatives that are not only cheaper and just as capable, but some even go above and beyond with music detection and weather-resistance. The LIFX Z Smart Light Strip is the closest to the Philips Hue strip as it sports almost identical features, brightness, and functionality. While its price is slightly higher, you will save a little without having to shell out for a separate hub.
If you’re looking for a great alternative that also works outdoors, then check out the HitLights Luma10 LED Light Strip. This light strip features an IP67 weather-resistance rating that lets it withstand some of mother nature’s elements, plus it connects directly to Alexa, and the Google Assistant, through Wi-Fi without a hub. Regardless of which option you go with, smart LED light strips will allow you to light your home your way.

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