Meet post-pandemic Gen Z, the most unemployed generation, now in danger of repeating millennials’ struggles

2020 has been a wild ride, especially for Gen Z.The generation, the oldest of whom turned 23 this year, has been grappling with the pandemic during pivotal life stages. Younger Gen Zers are at a point in their adolescence when forging social relationships is central to identity formation — something difficult to do during quarantine. And older Gen Zers are in the phase of emerging adulthood, the period between adolescence and adulthood when they struggle to figure out who they are and what they want of life.Many of the older cohort have graduated into the chaos of the coronavirus recession, which is putting them on track to repeat millennials’ money problems. They’ve become the most unemployed generation, and many have moved back home with their parents.On the other hand, 2020 has made many Gen Zers aware of politics and activism, and the generation is set to take over the economy in just a decade.

From financial behaviors to mental health, here’s a look at the life of a Gen Zer in 2020.