Improve Your Internet Speed in 2021 With These Gadgets On Sale

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Since we’ll likely be spending more time staying safer at home in 2021, it might be time to think about upgrading your router. You can give yourself the gift of faster internet with this 2 day Christmas sale. Just use promo code MERRY15 to take 15 percent off these devices.Want to go a step safer than a VPN? The Anonabox PRO Tor and VPN Router gives you move flexibility and internet security than a VPN alone. Use them both together (or separately!) without needing to download anything, and take it anywhere thanks to its small pocket size.Get the Anonabox PRO Tor & VPN Router for $72.24 (reg. $119) with promo code MERRY15. Don’t have a ton of dough to shell out for a new router? This Wi-Fi extender expands your Wi-Fi coverage and lets you keep your original router thanks to its mesh and beamforming technology. And you can use it with all of your devices, from smartphones to smart refrigerators.Get the Bearifi Edge Mesh Wi-Fi Extender Bundle: AP & Satellite for $110.49 (reg. $139) with promo code MERRY15. This router pulls double duty, ensuring your internet activity stays safe from threats. It’s been seen on the Wall Street Journal, Engadget, Digital Trends and Curbed, and comes with a whopping 18 months of Advanced Network Protection to keep you safe.Get the Gryphon: The Ultimate Secure Router & 18-mo Free Advance Network Protection for $195.49 (reg. $257) with promo code MERRY15.This is one of the most anticipated mesh routers of 2020, helping make sure you and your family don’t fall victim to the risks of the internet. This all-in-one mesh Wi-Fi security router and parental control system makes sure everyone under your roof stays safe online.Get the Gryphon Guardian: Wi-Fi Network Protection for $84.14 (reg. $119) with promo code MERRY15. Want faster internet in the new year? This combo of the InvizBox Go VPN Router means your internet speed with improve, while you enjoy the added benefits of encryption, georestriction and a 10-hour battery life on this portable router. It’s super easy to setup and comes with 2 years of the premium VPN subscription.Get the InvizBox Go VPN Router + 2-Yr Premium Subscription for $126.61 (reg. $199) with promo code MERRY15. You can have the convenience of accessing all your home and office networks simultaneously with this smart private internet. Not only does it make life easier, it also adds top-notch security and doesn’t have a VPN block, so it’s no surprise it’s been featured in Forbes, GadgetFlow, ZDNet and Mac Sources.With everyone working and learning from home, you can make sure they all stay connected with this certified refurbished router. It eliminates buffering and works with multiple devices simultaneously and at the same speed. There’s also a Smart Wi-Fi app and dedicated tech support to rely on.Note: Terms and conditions apply. See the relevant retail sites for more information. For more great deals, go to our partners at read: