Hori launches new wireless Mario and Zelda GameCube-style Switch controllers

Hori is kicking it old school with its latest wireless Nintendo Switch Battle Pad controllers. These new ‘Nintendo Switch Wireless Battle Pad’ officially licensed wireless GameCube-style controllers come in two different themed designs: Zelda and Mario.The gamepads are wireless with a range of up to 9.7m (32ft) and feature rechargeable batteries that should last for up to 15 hours. While there’s a wireless version of the gamepads, the company also offers a wired option that includes a 10-foot cable.
Hori’s website states that the new controllers feature increased stick precision thanks to anti-snapback tech and fast-action digital L/R and ZL/ZR buttons that can switch around based on your preference. Additionally, in an effort to tackle sweaty hands after playing for long periods, the new controllers include textured grips.
The new controllers are set to release in Canada on May 17th for roughly $64 on Amazon Canada’s website.
Image credit: Amazon
Source: Hori Via: Nintendo Life