Here are all the weapon types and move sets in Monster Hunter Rise

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Trying to survive within the savage world of Monster Hunter Rise is no easy task. The staggering number of monsters looking to tear you limb from limb would make anyone question their bravery. While having a good set of armor will keep you alive, you won’t get far unless you have a powerful weapon to slay these beasts. Thankfully, there are 14 types of weapons to choose from.
Here’s our list of all 14 weapons and the new moves introduced for them in Monster Hunter Rise that utilize the game’s unique gameplay feature – the Wirebug.

Let loose your hunting prowess

Monster Hunter Rise

Kamura Village is in danger of being trampled in a Rampage. It is up to you to save it from a cavalcade of monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. Fight alone or bring your friends in four-player online co-op.

Monster Hunter Rise: Weapon list and new moves

Monster Hunter Rise weapon list and new moves: Great Sword

The Great Sword is a slow but mighty powerhouse of a weapon. Its massive blade is capable of smashing through the toughest of hides in one strike. You can perform big overhead slashes to a single target or do wide horizontal swings to deal with a crowd of smaller monsters.VPN Deals: Lifetime license for $16, monthly plans at $1 & more
Great Sword can also allow you shoulder tackle through enemy attacks and immediately follow-up with an attack of your own. One of those attacks is the great sword’s ultimate technique – the True Charged Slash. If you can land this double overhead slash to a monster’s face, they will be in for a world of hurt. You can even charge up every strike to deal more damage, just in case you felt the Great Sword wasn’t devastating enough.
The new moves introduced in Monster Hunter Rise for the Great Sword are the Power Sheath and the Hunting Edge. The Power Sheath has the Wirebug launch you forward while sheathing your weapon. While sheathed, you can gain an attack boost for a brief period of time.
The Hunting Edge has you leaping into the sky, smacking a monster in the face, and executing one of two attacks. A deadly Charged Slash or a Plunging Thrust where you plant your sword into a monster as you fall down to earth.
Monster Hunter Rise weapon list and new moves: Long Sword

The Long Sword is a technical weapon that requires precision and skill to master. It excels at cutting off tails, ignores monster armor with Spirit Slashes, and has an arsenal of counterattacks that will leave monsters helpless.
This weapon has a unique mechanic called the Spirit Gauge. Attacking with regular strikes fills the gauge and you can spend Spirit Energy to execute Spirit Slash attacks. Every time you hit a monster with a Spirit Slash finisher, the Spirit Gauge will level up and gain an attack boost. It has three levels – white, yellow, and red. When the Spirit Gauge reaches its max level, the damage output will be immense.
Monster Hunter Rise’s new moves for the Long Sword are the Serene Pose and Soaring Kick. The Serene Pose has the Wirebug conjure a shield made of Wirebug silk while you sheath your blade. If a monster attacks the web, you will immediately counterattack with a gigantic slash.
The Soaring Kick is similar to the Great Sword’s Hunting Edge. You leap into the air using the Wirebug, kick a monster in the face and follow it up with two options – the Plunging Thrust or Spirit Helm Breaker. The Plunging Thrust is a downward strike where upon landing, it allows the Spirit Gauge to fill for a short time automatically. The Spirit Helm Breaker is a sky-high, overhead slash that consumes one level of your Spirit Gauge to inflict insane amounts of damage.
Monster Hunter Rise weapon list and new moves: Sword & Shield

The Sword & Shield is a jack of all trades. The sword can quickly dish out damage, and the shield can block attacks and inflict stun damage by punching a monster with it. You can even use items while your weapon is unsheathed, which no other weapon can do.
Sword & Shield has a few new moves in its repertoire. There’s a new guard stance where you can counterattack with the Perfect Rush technique if you hit a monster while blocking. The Perfect Rush is a fast, multi-hit combo attack that will slice and dice your prey.
As for new Wirebug moves, Sword & Shield has the Falling Shadow and Windmill. The Falling Shadow is an attack where you leap into the air, slash your prey and then bash their face with your shield as you fall back down to the ground.
The Windmill attaches Wirebug silk to your sword, and you spin it around, damaging everything near you. During the initial swing, the Windmill grants you some split seconds of invulnerability, which can be useful in a pinch.
Monster Hunter Rise weapon list and new moves: Dual Blades

Dual Blades are the fastest weapons in the game, potentially turning their wielder into a whirlwind of devastation. They have quick, multi-hitting combos and high mobility options to help escape danger at a moment’s notice.
Dual Blades have a unique gameplay mechanic called Demon Mode. When activated, you gain access to new attacks and your movement and dodge speed hastens. However, Demon Mode gradually consumes your stamina while it is active, so keep an eye on it to make sure you don’t tire yourself out. A small gauge fills up while executing attacks in Demon Mode called the Demon Gauge. When it is full, you gain access to some of the Demon Mode’s attacks while Demon Mode is inactive.
The new moves involving the Wirebug include flinging yourself at the monster and spinning your Dual Blades across their spine. There are also two special attacks called Shrouded Vault and the Piercing Bind.
The Shrouded Vault hurls you forward, and if you are attacked during the move, you will cut straight through their attack unharmed and still damage the monster.
The Piercing Bind attaches an explosive kunai dagger into a monster which explodes after a while. If you continually attack a monster while the kunai is planted, the explosion will deal more damage depending on how many hits you’ve dealt.
Monster Hunter Rise weapon list and new moves: Hammer

The Hammer is the perfect weapon for giving monsters a permanent concussion. It is a blunt weapon that inflicts stun damage when attacking a monster’s face, which can knock out monsters. While a monster is KO’d, they are vulnerable to more head-bashing from you and your teammates.
The Hammer has the ability to charge itself up and give you access to different attacks than when you’re swinging normally. You can also move around while charging the Hammer so that you can position yourself for optimal damage.
Monster Hunter Rise’s new moves for the Hammer are the Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon and the Impact Crater. The Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon has the Wirebug propel you forward to make a spin attack with your Hammer. You can charge up the move or activate the move while charging the Hammer to increase the damage.
The Impact Crater has you perform a flying uppercut with your Hammer and bringing it down onto a monster’s face. It hits multiple times on the way down, and the final hit’s damage is equivalent to a meteor strike.
Monster Hunter Rise weapon list and new moves: Hunting Horn

The Hunting Horn is an oddball of a weapon. It’s a bludgeoning weapon like the Hammer, but it’s also a musical instrument that you can beat monsters to death with. The main gimmick with Hunting Horn is every attack you do generates a musical note. Gather the right combination of notes, and you can recite a song that buffs your teammates or damages a monster with soundwaves.
To say Monster Hunter Rise gave the Hunting Horn new moves would be an understatement. It didn’t just receive new moves; it got a complete overhaul. In previous games, performing songs either granted buffs or dealt damage, but now they do both simultaneously in Monster Hunter Rise. Turning what was once the slowest weapon in the series, into a lightning-fast instrument of destruction, capable of slaying monsters with the power of rock and roll.
The Wirebug’s exclusive moves for the Hunting Horn are the Slide Beat and the Earthshaker. The Slide Beat has you charge forward while ignoring all knockbacks during the move. You play a damaging song at the end of the charge and gain a status boost.
The Earthshaker has you forcibly plug the Hunting Horn’s audio jack into a monster’s skull and play a song that will literally blow their mind.
Monster Hunter Rise weapon list and new moves: Lance

If the Great Sword can be considered an unstoppable force, then the Lance is the immovable object. This weapon has the most powerful shield in the game, capable of withstanding nearly every attack thrown at it. The Lance’s play-style is all about standing your ground and immediately counterattacking with never-ending stab combos.
The Lance also has mobility options. If a monster tries to distance itself, you can charge after them with the Lance. If you need to back away, you can do back hops while having your shield out to cover your retreat.
The new moves introduced for the Lance are the Anchor Rage and Twin Vines. Twin Vines plants a kunai dagger into a monster and directs their ire squarely at you. If you press the correct button, you can pull yourself towards the monster using the Wirebug silk attached to the kunai. This move will be great in multiplayer because it will draw the monster’s attention away from teammates and keep the Lance user close to their target.
Anchor Rage is a counter stance where the Lance user can channel all of their might into their shield. If you are attacked during this, you can counterattack and gain an attack boost. The harder an enemy’s attack, the greater the damage boost.
Monster Hunter Rise weapon list and new moves: Gunlance

The Gunlance exchanges the Lance’s defensive and mobility options in favor of causing explosive mayhem. It features similar stabs and wide swing attacks to Lance, but the main attraction is the Gunlance’s shells. The Gunlance can fire explosive shells that deal fixed amounts of damage to a monster, no matter how tough their bodies are. You can charge each shell for more damage or fire off all shells at once using the Full Burst Slam attack.
The Gunlance also features the Wyrmstake Cannon, an armor-piercing stake that drills into a monster and explodes after a few seconds. The biggest attack in the Gunlance’s move-set is the Wyvern Fire. You fire off a huge explosion that sends monsters reeling and blasts flying monsters out of the sky.
The new moves for Gunlance are the Guard Edge and Hail Cutter. The Guard Edge is a guard stance that restores your Gunlance’s sharpness level upon contact and can be followed up with various attacks. This move benefits Gunlance greatly because Gunlance shells tear through the weapon’s durability like nobody’s business.
The Hail Cutter performs a flying uppercut with the Gunlance and then does an overhead slam on the way down. During the attack, you reload any used Gunlance shells and reduce your Wyvern Fire’s cooldown time.
Monster Hunter Rise weapon list and new moves: Switch Axe

The Switch Axe is one of the craziest weapons in the game. It is an axe that has the ability to transform into a sword. Alternating between its modes during combos is essential to getting to grips with this weapon.
The axe mode offers fast evasive maneuvers and meaty chop attacks. Every hit you deal in axe mode fills the Switch Gauge, and when it is filled enough, you can transform into sword mode.
Sword Mode hits fast and hard, but you move a lot slower in this mode. You can spend energy within the Switch Gauge to fire off an Elemental Discharge, dealing tons of damage. Every attack you deal depletes the Switch Gauge, and when it empties, you will be forced back into axe mode. You will also be forced to do a reload animation when this happens, leaving you vulnerable to attacks.
What do you reload exactly? Phials. Phials can augment the Switch Axe with various bonuses. Some increase raw or elemental damage, while others can cause a monster to become exhausted. To activate the phial, you must trigger the Amped State by attacking in Sword Mode. Once activated, you will gain the phial’s effects for both modes and a new sword mode attack. You can stab into the monster and fire off the Elemental Discharge directly into their guts.
Monster Hunter Rise’s new moves for the Switch Axe are the Switch Charger and Invincible Gambit. The Switch Charger is an evasive move that recharges your energy meter and triggers the Amped State. Also, both the Switch Gauge and the Amped States won’t run out for a brief period of time.
Invincible Gambit launches you forward while swinging your axe around like a madman. You are completely immune to being stunned and knocked back during this move.
Monster Hunter Rise weapon list and new moves: Charge Blade

The Charge Blade is by far the most complicated weapon on this list. It combines the versatility of the Sword & Shield with the offensive transformation mechanics of the Switch Axe.
It has two modes – sword mode and axe mode. Sword mode behaves similarly to Sword & Shield, except you move more slowly, and your shield can block bigger hits. Every attack you land builds up kinetic energy. You can then store that energy inside phials within your shield. Once you have stored enough, you can combine the sword and shield to create a giant battle-axe.
Axe mode is where the phials you have charged-up come into play. You spend the kinetic energy to augment each axe swing with a micro explosion. You can also spend all your phials into one gigantic attack called the Super Amped Elemental Discharge, destroying everything in your path. Though this move is only accessible once you transfer the phials’ kinetic energy directly into the shield, powering it up.
Like Switch Axe, Charge Blades have multiple phial types that apply additional effects. Impact phials deal stun damage to a monster’s head, and Elemental phials deal extra elemental damage.
Charge Blade’s new moves with the Wirebug are the Morphing Advance and Counter Peak Performance. Morphing Advance has you charging towards a monster while transforming into axe mode. Monsters cannot stun you or knock you down during your advance. You can perform one of many attacks at the end of the move.
Counter Peak Performance is a guard stance where you plant your shield in the ground and have the Wirebug cover yourself up in protective silk. If you get hit during this state, all of your phials instantly fill up, and you can immediately attack afterwards.
Monster Hunter Rise weapon list and new moves: Insect Glaive

The Insect Glaive is a weapon designed for ground and aerial-based combat. In addition to fast-paced ground combos, you can propel yourself in the air without the need for Wirebugs. This will allow you to chase after flying monsters, spinning your glaive like a helicopter to clip their wings, sending them crashing back to earth.
In addition to being able to jump, Insect Glaive also features the ‘Kinsect,’ which is a small bug that fights alongside you. You can command the Kinsect to fly towards a monster and extract fluids from their body like a mosquito.
The Kinsect then takes those extracts and transfers them into you to power you up. Red Extracts increases damage and grants access to new attacks. White Extracts increases your jumping distance. And Orange Extracts increases your defense stats. There are also rare but beneficial Green Extracts that heal your wounds.
The new moves that the Wirebug gives to the Insect Glaive are Silkbind Vault and Recall Kinsect. The Silkbind Vault is an improved aerial jump which goes even further than a regular jump. You can then attack afterwards or do a mid-air dodge in case you misjudged an opening.
The Recall Kinsect move commands your Kinsect to return while you do a flashy dodge maneuver. The Kinsect will spin around and scatter Green Extracts to heal anyone in the vicinity and restore its stamina. It will also damage any monster caught in its path.
Monster Hunter Rise weapon list and new moves: Bow

The Bow is one of the few long ranged weapons available in Monster Hunter Rise. This weapon will allow you to dodge and weave through the battlefield as you fire volleys of arrows into the monster’s hide. You can charge each arrow shot for more damage and fire a bag of dust into the air, which grants buffs to teammates. You also can augment your arrows with coatings that either grant status effects or boost their damage.
The Bow’s ultimate attack is the Dragon Piercer. You attach a couple of miniature rockets to the arrow and fire a powerful shot which rips through a monster’s whole body.
Be warned, nearly every action performed with the Bow consumes a hefty amount of stamina. Meaning that armor skills and items that help maintain stamina are paramount when using this weapon.
The Herculean Draw and Focus Shot are the new moves introduced for the Bow. Herculean Draw sees you rush forward, pulling back your arrow so fiercely it grants a brief attack boost.
Focus Shot has you do an evasive backflip and land in a crouching position, restoring your stamina.
Monster Hunter Rise weapon list and new moves: Light Bowgun

The Light Bowgun is a simple but deadly weapon which lets you move and shoot at the same time. You can load the Light Bowgun with a variety of ammo types to deal with any monster:
Normal type ammo are single hitting bullets, good for targeting heads.
Pierce type ammo goes through the target and is great for monsters with long bodies.
Spread ammo is akin to shotgun pellets which are short-ranged but hit like a truck.
Sticky ammo are rockets which stick into a monster and detonate after a few seconds. They also deal stun damage if planted on a monster’s face.
It also gets access to ammo types that deal elemental damage or status effects.
Unfortunately, Bowgun ammo is not unlimited like the Bow’s arrows. You will need to farm and gather materials to craft ammo in the middle of battle.
Light Bowguns have a unique special ammo type called ‘Wyvernblast.’ These are landmines you can plant on the ground to deal fixed damage to any monster which steps on them.
The Light Bowgun’s new moves are the Silkbind Glide and Fanning Vault. The Silkbind Glide uses the Wirebug’s silk to pull you towards a monster and fires a point-blank shot.
The Fanning Vault launches you into the air so you can shoot while airborne. You can fire regular ammo or a Wyvernblast mine which sticks to a monster’s body.
Monster Hunter Rise weapon list and new moves: Heavy Bowgun

The Heavy Bowgun lacks the landmines and mobility of Light Bowguns but makes up for it with sheer firepower. It has access to all the same types of ammo as the Light Bowgun, and can also charge up each shot for extra damage.
Heavy Bowgun’s unique ammo types include the Wyvernheart, Wyvernfire, Cluster Bomb and Wyvernsnipe:
Wyvernheart turns the Heavy Bowgun into a mini-gun that shreds monsters to pieces.
Wyvernsnipe fires an explosive round into a monster, which explodes across their whole body.
Wyvernfire ammo functions the same as the Gunlance’s Wyvern Fire, except there no’s cooldown for it. You only need the bullets to fire it.
Cluster Bombs are fired into the air like mortar shells, splittng into multiple bombs upon detonation.
Heavy Bowgun’s new moves are the Free Silkbind Glide and Counter Shot. The Free Silkbind Glide pulls you forward using the Wirebug. You can fire a close-range shot or quickly sheath your gun at the end of the glide.
Counter Shot is a counter stance that covers you in Wirebug silk to guard against attacks. If you get hit, you can fire a powerful shot afterwards.
Have you decided which weapon you will pick for Monster Hunter Rise?
I know I’m going to be picking Hunting Horn or Gunlance first of all when the game comes out. Monster Hunter Rise will release for the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

Let loose your hunting prowess

Monster Hunter Rise

Kamura Village is in danger of being trampled in a Rampage. It is up to you to save it from a cavalcade of monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. Fight alone or bring your friends in four-player online co-op.

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