Cyberpunk 2077’s save files are corrupting when players craft too many items.

Facepalm: The disastrous Cyberpunk 2077 launch was yet another ‘2020 thing’ to happen this year. In addition to the issues on last-gen consoles, bugs, and the threat of lawsuits, a new problem has arisen, one which permanently corrupts save files if they exceed 8MB in size. The solution? Don’t craft so many items.

While the save issue was initially thought to affect all platforms, it is reportedly limited to the game’s PC and Stadia versions. Users across the CD Projekt Red forums and Reddit did some investigating and concluded that save files over 8MB are being corrupted, with one user suggesting that crafting is the culprit.

CD Projekt Red has confirmed the issue on its help page. “Unfortunately the save is damaged and can’t be recovered,” it writes. “Please use an older save file to continue playing and try to keep a lower amount of items and crafting materials. If you have used the item duplication glitch, please load a save file not affected by it.”

It’s also recommended not to use the duplication glitch, which will almost certainly see your save files borked.

The company says that the file limit size might be increased in a future patch, but the corrupted files can’t be fixed—bad news for those who’ve lost hours of gameplay.

Patches are arriving that address some of Cyberpunk 2077’s many issues, but it’s too little, too late for the unhappy players demanding refunds; a situation that led to Sony removing the game from its PlayStation Store. As if things weren’t bad enough, CD Projekt is facing class-action lawsuits over claims it intentionally misled investors and shareholders.

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