How Shotcuts literally changed someone’s life for the better

What you need to know

One Reddit user reports that they used Shortcuts to impress their boss and get a new role.
They used Shortcuts to drastically reduce the time it took to create reports.
Reports that previously took hours to create were cut down to mere minutes.

One Reddit user was able to flex their Shortcuts muscle to get a new role at work.

Apple’s Shortcuts app and framework have been a real boon for people looking to get into automation, but one person took things a step further and used them to get a new job, earn more money, and get away from a week of back-breaking work in the process.

Reddit user AngriBuddhist posted to share details about how Shortcuts improved his life by helping them move from a job that was all-out manual labor, replacing it with a role that allows him to work from home instead.

According to the post, the writer was able to greatly reduce the amount of time-intensive business reports took to put together by automating the process using Shortcu…

Core Scientific, a top bitcoin miner responsible for nearly 10% of the network’s hash rate, sold 7,202 mined BTC for $167M in June and now holds 1,959 BTC (David Pan/Bloomberg)

David Pan / Bloomberg:
Core Scientific, a top bitcoin miner responsible for nearly 10% of the network’s hash rate, sold 7,202 mined BTC for $167M in June and now holds 1,959 BTC  —  Core Scientific Inc., a top crypto miner, sold the bulk of its Bitcoin holdings in June as a steep drop in digital assets squeezes finances for even the leaders of the industry.

A great printer is the perfect companion for your Mac

As much as our lives are immersed in digital documentation, there are still times when we need to print something, whether it’s a document, an application, or a photo. Especially in busy office spaces, a quality printer is a must. When you need to revert to paper documentation, these are the all-around best Mac printers.

No ink cartridges

Epson EcoTank ET-3710

Staff Favorite

This printer comes with some impressive features, including a color display, wired and wireless networking, and voice-activated printing for Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Epson handles ink differently, as it does away with ink cartridges and uses low-cost replacement ink bottles. Right now, this is our favorite printer for Mac, including the all-new Mac Studio.

$427 at Amazon

Small but mighty

Brother DCPL2520DW Wireless Compact Multifunction Laser Printer and Copier

If you want to print many pages fast but don’t have the desk landscape for a large printer, Brother’s DCPL2520DW is the model for yo…

Twitter is struggling with India’s tightening rules for online speech

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Twitter announced on Tuesday that it has launched a lawsuit against the Indian government, the latest salvo in an ongoing fight over the country’s aggressive speech laws. The lawsuit comes after Twitter was ordered to remove a series of accounts and posts that violate Indian obscenity and defamation laws, as first reported by The New York Times. Twitter has now removed the posts, but is seeking judicial protection from such orders in the future.

The fight started last May when India issued new IT rules for online content, shortly followed by a police raid on Twitter’s India offices. The following July, Indian regulators threatened to hold Twitter liable for any future infractions by its users.

Broadly, Twitter has long argued that it…

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EU approves laws that could have huge impact on the way we use our iPhones

“Big platforms will have to refrain from promoting their own interests, share their data with other businesses, enable more app stores”

What you need to know

The EU is making fundamental changes to the way companies like Apple do business.
New rules mean Apple will no longer be able to promote their own interests, and will force sharing of data with other businesses.
It could also lead to forcing Apple to host other app stores on the iPhone.

The EU has today announced that it has adopted major new laws that could completely change the way we use devices like the iPhone.

The bloc stated:

The Commission welcomes the adoption by the European Parliament of the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act, proposed by the Commission in December 2020.

The Digital Services Package sets out a first comprehensive rulebook for the online platforms that we all depend on in our daily lives. These new rules will be applicable across the whole of the EU and will create a safer and …