9 e-learning classes, books, and podcasts we loved in 2020 – from Yale’s popular course on how to be happier to Margaret Atwood’s writing MasterClass

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more.For many people, 2020 challenged how we view higher education, with some experts stating that certain changes are long overdue. Between increases in online learning due to the pandemic, to the possibility of student-loan forgiveness in the future, this year could be the start of a much-needed turning point.On an individual scale, the pandemic opened up new opportunities to learn. Some people used their time at home to pick up a new hobby online or get through a book or podcast. Others committed to longer-term certificate programs to improve their career prospects at a lower cost than a traditional college degree.From a popular positive psychology class and writing workshop to a Wharton business program and bestselling finance book, these online courses, books, and podcasts helped the Insider staff feel engaged and inspired throughout quarantine. The nine e-learning classes, books, and podcasts we loved in 2020: