13 e-learning sites where you can learn to code online for free or an affordable price

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more.Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced coder, the internet has plenty of options to help you develop and deepen your skillsets — often completely for free.Below, you’ll find 13 sites that offer flexible, affordable resources for learning how to code. You can take advantage of MIT’s OpenCourseWare (which makes MIT course content available to the public), or you can earn a Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate for $49 a month. Coursera also made some of its courses — including computer science classes — completely free to enroll in through December 31. If you’re just starting out in a field, it may be worth looking at affordable or free introductory courses to get a sense of what programming language you’d like to pursue before investing money and time into a degree or professional certificate. It’s also worth looking into any scholarships or financial aid learning sites like edX or Coursera may offer.13 sites that will help you learn how to code online: